All systems operational.

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Monday, 20-Mar-23 08:06:28 UTC


Connectivity Issues - Fixed

Our system administrators have identified the cause of the connectivity issues seen - it looks as though traffic to IP was not routing correctly, resulting in external connections failing to reach the sites. We've since deployed a fix, and affected sites should be fully accessible once more. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Friday, 17-Mar-23 16:04:53 UTC



Our monitoring systems have alerted us to a potential issue with this kvmhost and we are investigating. Further update will be provided shortly.

Friday, 17-Mar-23 16:27:27 UTC

kvmhost57 update

At around 15:56 today this kvmhost experienced a memory error causing some guests to reboot. The memory module has been disabled and we are now also moving some VPS to other hosts to help mitigate the impact and will update the status page once complete.

Friday, 17-Mar-23 17:32:34 UTC

Migrations Complete

The migrations have been completed and the kvmhost is back under normal operation, all monitoring alarms have cleared. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Planned Maintenance

Tuesday, 21-Mar-23

There are no service messages.